Interview with Ragnar Jón Ragnarsson from Urmull&Kradak

Jofemodo: Why do you exist? (Urmull&Kradak)

Ragnar: Urmull & Kraðak is a cooperation art project between two friends that have been playing music for 20 years but have not until now started playing as a duet. We found the time and mental space to start composing and releasing last autumn. It was soon clear that there was an EP on the horizon. We have been so lucky to be able to get a lot of talented artist to help us, musicians and artist.

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New Engine: Aeolus, a Pipe Organ Emulator

Summer is a relaxed period and i love to dedicate some time to mind-expanding tasks. Integrating Aeolus, a “pipe organ emulator that should be good enough to make an organist enjoy playing it”, has been a very pleasant task and have given to me the oportunity of learning a little bit about these amazing machines that Pipe Organs are and its history. And of course, it’s a very good add for Zynthian 😉

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New SD image: Gorgona Omega

The new SD image Gorgona Omega is ready to download. It’s available in 2 “colors”, pre-configured for the latest official kit v2 and also for the former kit v1:

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Zynthian Shop is on-line!

We are very proud to present the new Zynthian store. You can enter by clicking on this link:

It’s been a long way from the first Zynthian prototype being announced in this blog, more than 2 years ago. It’s been an interesting trip and along the way, i have learned a lot of things and a small but dynamic community has grown around this crazy project that Zynthian is.

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