New Zynaptik-3 module

Hi @zynthianers!

We just released a new version of the zynaptik module:

and this time it comes in 3 flavours:

  • MIDI: 3 x MIDI ports (IN/THRU/OUT). Nothing more. It’s the right choice for people buying v4 kits that already include the Zynscreen display and don’t need the extended options.
  • Standard: adds 16 x GPIO (MCP23017) and include 4 x JST-SH connectors for connecting the official v4 controllers (encoders with switches). With this, now you can build your custom zynthian using v4 parts and the display you like more. The 40 pin “zynaptik” connector is also there, 100% compatible with versions 1 & 2, so you can use the GPIO ports as you like: connecting the zynface module, adding custom switches, etc.
  • Extended: adds 4 x analog inputs (ADS1115) & 4 x analog outputs (MCP4728) that can be used for CV/Gate, etc. The “extended” version is similar to the older zynaptik-2 module, but adding 4 x JST-SH connectors for the encoders.

We decided to release 3 flavours because of very good reasons:

  • Most users don’t want/need the analog input/outputs, so they don’t need to pay the extra price for features they don’t want/need.
  • ADS1115 & MCP4728 chips are really difficult to find on these days. We have very limited stock of them and the price has increased more than 4x. Lead times are 12 months or more!
  • Due to this, we don’t want to risk our small but precious chip-stock by shipping it overseas for soldering on a China facility, so we are soldering the chips at home, by hand. Yes!!! We are soldering these tiny TSSOPs of 0.5mm pitch by hand!! It’s really hard, but when things comes to normal (if they ever do!) i will be a master of SMD soldering, what i consider a valuable skill.

Adding the 4 x JST-SH connectors to the zynaptik module also means we can say goodbye to the venerable v2 basic kit, that it’s replaced by the new v4 basic kit: 1

Bye bye v2 kits!! Long life to v4 kits!! Of course, latest zynthian software will remain compatible with kits v1, v2 & v3 as long as possible, hopefully forever.


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