New SD image: Gorgona Omega

The new SD image Gorgona Omega is ready to download. It’s available in 2 “colors”, pre-configured for the latest official kit v2 and also for the former kit v1:

This new SD image includes a lot of new features and fixes. The more important ones are:

  • New Pianoteq Engine, including the Pianoteq 6.0.3 Demo version, upgradable to 6.1 or licensed version from the webconf tool. See this forum thread.
  • Global MIDI-learning. See the updated wiki documentation.
  • Improved Security: SSH keys and webconf cookie secret will be generated on first boot, avoiding that anybody accesing your local network can hijack your zynthian box. See this forum thread.
  • PANIC functions. See this forum thread.
  • Fixed MIDI router that should fix the problems that some people have with specific keyboards and engines (fluidsynth). See this forum thread.
  • Supports the new RBPi 3 B+: It includes a recent version of firmware (rpi-update), as required by the new RBPi3 B+.
  • MIDI over network: It can be enabled from the Webconf or the UI’s Admin menu. It uses QmidiNet (thanks, @rncbc!!!), that implements UDP/IP multicast and it’s compatible with IP-Midi for Windows & Mac. See this forum thread.
  • Improved controller scheme for setBfree, integrating latest changes from @x42.
  • Many other small improvements and fixes …

Thanks to everybody collaborating in development and testing, specially @C0d3man, @mheidt and @wyleu that have spent lot of hours working on making a better zynthian!

Probably this will be the last “Gorgona” release. We are working in a new building system for zynthian: the ZynthianOS, based in CustomPiOS from @guysoft. That will allow us to dramatically simplify the building process and will give us the possibility of having fresh nightly builds.

Stay tuned!! 😉

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