New Aluminum Case v2.1: MIDI IN/THRU/OUT + Activity LEDs

The first batch of aluminum cases for “v2 Kits” is sold out and a new one is available in the Zynthian Shop. I call this case “v2.1”, but in fact it’s the new official v2 aluminum case. This new “v2.1” case has some improvements …

The new v2.1 case is almost the same than the original v2 aluminum case, but it has 3 MIDI ports (IN/THRU/OUT) with an “activity LED” each. It takes advantage of all the features already present in the All-In-One circuit.

The presence of the 3 standard MIDI ports, in conjunction with the last MIDI-related software improvements:

  • MIDI profiles
  • MIDI router/filter (rule-based)
  • MIDI over IP (QMidiNet)

turns Zynthian into a powerful MIDI processor.

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