New Zynthian Kit v4

Were you awaiting for it?

  • More CPU power than ever: Designed for the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Zynductor Passive Cooling: 100% silent!
  • 4 x extra push buttons, totally assignable to functions or programs.
  • 2 x Balanced Audio Inputs with adjustable gain (-12db to 32dB)
  • Very easy to mount! You don’t need to solder anything. Just plug the wires and tighten the screws. So easy that your grandma could do it for you!!
  • UPDATE: Kit v4.1 is out and it features Balanced Audio Output too!!

It’s been a really strange and busy year, but finally, despite all the potholes on the road, we are proud to present the new Zynthian Kit v4. It keeps all the good things from the v3, but integrates the RBPi4, what increases the zynthian’s processing power to the next level.

The RBPi4 allows to run all the synth-engines without reaching the limits. No more “clicks” (XRuns) when playing Pianoteq, OBXd or ZynAddSubFX. You can also play simultaneously more layers, what is great for sequencing, and this comes just in time to start enjoying the new integrated step sequencer, the ZynStep, developed by our much beloved Mr. @riban.

But this CPU power has a price to pay: increased heat dissipation. This has supposed a design challenge as we didn’t want a noisy and unreliable fan inside the zynthian case, so we decided to design a solution that allowed to evacuate the heat generated by the CPU towards the aluminum case. We were quite space-constrained and initially doubted about the efficiency of this solution, but after some tests, the Zynductor emerged as a well-enough solution, and we are really satisfied because it’s cheap, silent, reliable and decrease the CPU temperature by 10ºC, what it’s enough for almost every use case.

The second more remarkable improvement of the kit v4 is the 4 push buttons added on the top. This was a risky last-minute change, but we decided to do it because of several reasons:

  • We are increasingly constrained when designing new functionality because of the lack of more actuators.
  • We already had implemented the software part, including the configuration tool that allows assigning the switches to any UI action or MIDI message.
  • We already had the required I/O pins on the Zynscreen, so we just needed to add the conductive-switch footprints on the PCB and design and manufacture a small silicone keypad. A funny task for spending our time on April-May 2020. We like risky challenges.

Apart from this 2 big improvements, the v4 adds a second balanced audio input, what perfectly fits the last improvements on audio routing that allow to create separated FX chains for every input. And of course, this also adds completeness, giving equilibrium and symmetry to the zynthian’s case backside 😉

For the rest, the v4 is almost the same than the kit v3:

  • Zynaptik module for MIDI IN/THRU/OUT and extended I/O
  • Zynscreen v1.5 touch display & control interface
  • 4 x incremental rotary encoders with switch
  • Hifiberry DAC+ADC PRO
    UPDATE: Kit v4.1 includes DAC+ADC STAGE, with balanced output!
  • Black-anodized Aluminum Case
  • High quality connectors
  • etc.

Take a look to the v3 release post for more details.

Are you interested on buying the new zynthian kit v4? Just click the button and visit the …


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3 years ago

I’m and old KORG guy: Maxi-KORG, Poly 61, Poly 800, Triton; thinking about a Kronos…
Not to mention Baldwin Electric Harpsichord and Rhodes.

I’m just now getting into Raspberry Pi, and found this site searching for that AND music synthesizer. I will be wanting to build one of these things.

I’ve been applying group theory to music theory, and have, I believe, made some progress in a descriptive theory of scales. Anyone interested can email me. I’d love to collaborate with someone who shares my interests and viewpoints regarding the mathematics of music theory.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mickey

Ok, so I have no idea how to find your email, at least not from this view of the forum (just stumbled upon this), but anyway: I’ve got most of a masters degree in computer science from Copenhagen University ( (“most of” because I dropped out after doing bach degree + ~60-70 ECTS on masters, due to a good job offer), and though I have no formal training in music, I’ve been playing music since I was ~6 years old (guitar, later piano, accordian, misc) and doing my own compositions (classic singer/songwriter stuff, later on drifting into rap and electronic… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi, Im trying to join the forum but I never get the activation email…tried a few times, email addresses…checked spam, nothing! can you help?
I’ve also ordered a V4 Kit from the shop and paid by paypal as a friend, no confirmation, no nothing?
please respond?

3 years ago

A German review of the v4
(sorry if this is misplaced.)

Rolf Degen
3 years ago

Hallo lovely Zynthian team Congratulations. The Zynthian is the best DIY synthesizer in the last years. I have been developing DIY music electronics hard- and software for many years. My biggest DIY project was the “Degenerator”. It is a monophonic synthesizer / sampler with two digital oscillators and an analog stereo filter and Fx chip. It took me four years to develop and I learned a lot. You have to develop a very good synthesizer. I am enthusiastic about the many possibilities and the very good sounds. I hope this is not the end and I wish you continued… Read more »

Anders Johnsson
Anders Johnsson
2 years ago

Does anyone know when this will be available again? what components are missing currently?

Pedro Milman
2 years ago
Reply to  jofemodo

Hello , the outlet is empty and the V4 sold out. I’m finally ready to get a unit and very eager to starts experimenting with it, mainly for live performance and studio work. Any idea of when it will be available? Congrats on the project and much thanks.

11 months ago

Hello and congratulations on your project! Can you tell us when the kit will be available again? Thanks in advance ! Best regards.

11 months ago
Reply to  jofemodo

so sad, I’m looking for a something more like an effect pedal, I found the size of the V4 more convenient for my usage. I’m trying to find a “Dac + Adc pro” from Hifiberry (the “Dac + Adc Stage” isn’t available to end users).
What do you think of this: ?

Larry M
Larry M
9 months ago

Does anyone know where I can by the v4 kit since it’s sold out on the site?

Christopher Blackmore
8 months ago

Getting a 404 on
Could be my fault, could be some region-related silliness….