Making of a video presentation

Last weekend we have been filming a video presentation for Zynthian. A short video of about 1-2 minutes to introduce Zynthian. It’s intended to be in the top of project’s website, that will be ready in the next weeks.

Filming that kind of video is not an easy task. You need expert people, good material and a clean environment. Dust is your enemy. Everybody have to be immobile while filming because vibrations of steps are easily transmitted to the camera, especially if you try to do some kind of traveling, etc.


I would like to thank Javier Macía, of Sintonnison Studio, for his excellent work and great patience. I’ve learned a lot of things from him this weekend.

Special thanks to Federico Dobry, from Moonshiner Brothers, for allowing us to invade his space. I will cook for you this week 😉

And here come some nice images from the filming:






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